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The WebMaster and Owner of this Site is Milton Ware
He can be contacted at:
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Phone ~ 251-968-3675
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Gulf Shores, Alabama
Site Policies

1.  This site is intended to be an entertaining and informative place for all our classmates to visit.

2.  No Politics - No Religion - No Outside Current Events - None of  the time in the common areas.  No external links from personal pages.  This policy shall not preclude classmates from writing what they wish on their personal page nor from linking to another personal page as appropriate.

3.  I will make every effort to keep personal contact information, other than names, away from web crawlers and search engines.  These devices are used to generate unwanted SPAM and cold call lists.

4.  I sincerely appreciate all data input and suggestions for improvement.  Please submit all material to the e-mail address above for consideration.